Entries by Jing Fan

Welcome Rossana joining the group!

Rossana Iturbide joined the group in the fall 2021 as a new PhD student, and will be co-supervised by Professor Sihong Wang in BME. Rossana got her bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering at MIT, and her masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at CCNY. Welcome!

Welcome Malgorzata joining the group!

Malgorzata Dwulat joined the group in the fall 2021 as a new PhD student, co-supervised by Prof. Sihong Wang in BME. She got her bachelor’s and masters degrees from University of Gdansk & Medical University of Gdansk, Poland, in Biotechnology.  She also conducted research at Humboldt University in Berlin and Max Planck Institute for Infection […]

Chunsheng started new position at NJIT

Congratulations to Dr. Chunsheng Wen on his new postdoc position at NJIT! We appreciate his contribution to the group on several projects and wish him the best in his new job!

NSF CAREER awarded

Dr. Fan appreciates the support from NSF to our project entitled “Microfluidic development of dual-gel culture matrices for studying effects of interstitial flow on cellular behaviors.” This project will develop and use new ”dual-gel“ dual-porosity biomaterials to investigate the effects of interstitial flow on cellular behaviors. We will also initiate and organize educational outreach activities […]

Dr. Fan speaks at Levich Institute Seminar

On October 13, Dr. Fan gave a talk at Benjamin Levich Institute seminar entitled “How flow-driven transport of soft particles Influence Effective Permeability of Porous Media”.

Dr. Fan speaks at ME department seminar

On September 24, 2020, Dr. Fan gave a talk at the ME department seminar entitled “Understanding transport in porous media with microfluidic model systems”.

New paper published in Journal of Hydrology

Our new paper ” Effect of flow profiles on the flow subjected to oscillation forcing: an example of droplet mobilization in constricted tubes” in collaboration with Dr. Wen Deng’s group at Missouri S&T is now published online on Journal of Hydrology.